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Autumn is harvest season as usual, but there are many of families still suffer from cold,starvation,disease... They need government to help them overcome this huge difficulty because Xinda Clover as one of the biggest companies in Nanhai, Foshan. We have responsibility to give them warm help, which coincides with our awareness: Giving is better than accepting. I remembered my boss said a sentence “We help someone just like deposit and believe they will give me hand one day.” As for me, helping other maybe is like investing, you don’t know when we can earn, but we have got big support in our mental life.

Désolé d 'avoir dit beaucoup de choses inutiles.

On September 19th,2020, the members of Xinda Clover’s party branch took some supplies including moon cakes, milk, edible oil, rice and so on to visit poor households who lives in AiLin Village. Especially in Guangdong Province, the weather of Step. is as the same as July: hot and dry. But we can see the picture, they were happy and active. They put real hearts to ask the old’s health, to aid children’s education, to know their daily life.

J 'ai interviewé une collègue qui a participé à cette manifestation et elle a dit: « Je ne sais pas pourquoi leurs enfants sont si impitoyables qu' ils ne sont pas pris en charge ou pris en charge.Rendre visite à leurs parents pendant 15 ans.".

En fait, nous le voyons partout dans le monde.Les personnes âgées ont besoin de nos soins, de nos appels, de nos cadeaux, de nos voyages... Dans l'espoir que nous puissions utiliser notre temps libre pour accompagner nos parents.Dieu merci, nous le savons, mais avons - nous vraiment agi?

En particulier, le plus grand défi auquel le monde est confronté, covid - 19, nous avons tous peur.Virus.Quand on est avec sa famille, on se sent mieux et on apprécie notre vie.

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